Cantonese Double Happiness

  The predecessor of Guangzhou Brewery is Guangdong Beverage Factory, which founded in December 1934, with Lin Yungai, the mayor of Guangzhou City, signing its foundation. Located at the end of Xizeng Road of West Village in the northwest corner of Guangzhou City, Guangzhou Brewery covers an area of 57,700 square meters, mainly producing beer, beverages and white spirits, such as Cantonese Beer, Cantonese Double Happiness Beer, and Cantonese Pineapple Beer (the former Baile Beer).Cantonese Beer is a high quality pale beer of 12% Vol, typical of modern and international taste. It is crystal clear with greenish yellow color, white and delicate foam, pure and mild taste, and refreshing and numbing mouth-feel. Cantonese Double Happiness Beer is also a pale beer of 12% Vol, characterized by its light and clear color, white foam, pure taste, and refreshing and numbing mouth-feel. Cantonese Pineapple Beer is a low-alcohol sweet beer in light color. It makes an ideal wort drink with pure taste and refreshing fragrance of pineapple.

  As of Oct. 1st, 2017, Guangzhou Brewery has authorized Guangzhou Cantonese Food Co., Ltd. to manage the original business of Guangzhou Brewery. Guangzhou Brewery no longer does the same business as that of Guangzhou Cantonese Food Co., Ltd.

  Guangzhou Cantonese Food Co., Ltd., as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangzhou Huatang Co., Ltd., will continue to manage the related products, certificates, qualifications and accounts of Guangzhou Brewery.

  • Double Happiness Beer
    With a long history, Double Happiness Beer is the first beer produced in Guangzhou. In 2014, it was re-positioned, re-packed and marketed by Guangzhou Brewery, catering to the market demand. With a golden yellow color and a nice fragrance, it tastes mellow and sweet and is a best beer. The name of the beer implies “Good things come in pairs”. For this reason, the beer is a best choice for weddings, parties and gifts.
  • Guang’s Lion Mountain Spring Water
    Released into the market in 2016, Guang’s Lion Mountain Spring Water has collected water from the zone of fracture of the rocks of Tianlu Mountain 200 feet under the ground of Yantou Forestry Farm Natural Ecology Reserve Area. The water quality is meta-silicic acid mountain spring water containing calcium and sodium bicarbonate, which tastes fresh, mellow and a bit sweet.
  • Guang’s Lemon Tea
    Guang’s Lemon Tea is a new product of Guangzhou Brewery. Its uniqueness is: made of original juice extracted from fresh lemon, it preserves the purest unique astringency of tea. It blends 100% authentic tea and 100% authentic lemon, offering a refreshing lemon flavor. Originating from the traditional HK style restaurant, the lemon tea will taste better after it is iced.
  • Guang’s Pineapple Beer
    Guang’s Pineapple Beer is a domestic pioneering brand, a drink with the flavor of pineapple based on beer and a with rich Lingnan characteristics. Made from raw materials such as malt, rice, sugar and hop, it boasts a perfect combination with the scent given off by ripe pineapple, a popular fruit in Lingnan. The beer is very popular among the consumers of South China for its strong fruit flavor, moderate sour and sweet taste, rich nutrition and a refreshing flavor.
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