Ingenious Artworks--Guangzhou Daxin Ivory Craft Factory

The craft of ivory carving has a brilliant history of thousands of years in Guangzhou, which is famous in the world for its exquisite craftsmanship, classic and graceful elegance. Particularly the ivory ball and ivory boat which are hollowed into layers are most reputed, displaying strong ingenuous elements of Chinese people and thus they are honored as “the Best Artworks of China” and “Wonderful Artworks of the World”, with very high collection and ornamental values. Founded in 1955, Guangzhou Daxin ivory craft factory is a state-owned enterprise, which is engaged in production and business of ivory sculpture crafts and is approved by the National Forestry and Grassland Administration and the  State Administration for Industry & Commerce. Its own brand “Tiangong” implies perfect ingenuity of elegance and exquisiteness. Its main products are classified into ten categories, namely, ivory ball, ivory boat, carved crab pot, rocky mountain landscape, micro carved calligraphy, ancient and present figures, sculptures of flowers, grass and trees, antique vessels, daily gifts and souvenirs.