Hot Spring

  With the reputation of “The King of Rice Liquor, Conghua Sanhua liquor is one of the representatives of Chinese rice aromatic liquor. It carries a typical style of Xiaoqu liquor, with a light aroma and pleasant aftertaste. It has been steamed for three times when brewing and numerous bubbles will be aroused when shaking. So people called it Sanhua liquor (San means three in Chinese; hua means flower, a metaphor of the bubbles). The brand Hot Spring won a national copper cup prize in the 4th National Liquor Show in 1984. It has been honored as a Guangdong Time-honored Brand, a Guangdong Trustworthy Liquor Brand, a Guangdong High-quality Liquor and a Guangzhou Famous Brand. Two products, the 37°Rose Dew Liquor and 50°Conghua rice liquor were both honored as “product popular among customers in the alcoholic drink market of Guangdong” in 2017.