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The 3rd online feast: TIT impresses the global!

  On April 15th, the 129th Canton Fair has officially opened online. The Executive deputy general Manager and deputy general manager of Guangzhou Textiles Industry and Trade Holdings LTD (hereinafter referred to as TIT group), Mr. Ge Weizhi and Mr. Guan Yong have led a team to visit the on-site work of all the exhibitions of TIT group.

  It’s the third time for TIT group to participate in the online Canton Fair, and we’ve learned from previous experience and sharpened our new "secret weapons" to achieve better exhibition effectiveness: a well-trained team with skillful marketing abilities, immersive live broadcast rooms and virtual exhibition halls, which attracted special attentions from medias such as XINHUA News, Southern Metropolis Daily, GDTV, and GZTV on the first day.
  International Trade Dept., one of subsidiaries of TIT group all-rounded displays their competitive products such as denim, children's clothing, women's casual clothing, outdoor furniture, etc. To pay close attention to the needs the post-epidemic, and also take thoughtful considerations for the demands of domestic market, they are well prepared for the internal circulations and demonstrating the independent innovation design to global customers: with emphasizing the focal point of "green", "health" and "environmental protection", their new blending product, the combination of yarn from recycled leather scraps and the cotton yarn, releases on the 129th Canton Fair for the very first time. With the empowerment of digital technology, they set up 3+X scene-based live broadcast room and the green screen is also adopted to meet the needs of virtual scenes switching.

  Based on attributes of products and market, Guangzhou Chemicals Import & Export Co., Ltd, also one of subsidiaries of TIT group, makes clever use of multiple ways of video-recording. They directly address customers’ needs by various ways, such as soft advertising for series of daily chemical washing, animations for personal care and household chemicals, vlogs for dyes and Pigments,etc.

  The online Canton Fair is a brand-new transformation for the traditional foreign trading company to change their pattern on customers expansion. On the other hand, it’s also a driving force for the transition to digital marketing, which is something of paramount importance for the whole TIT group. With the influence and linkage of the online Canton Fair, we’ll also speed up the construction of our own digital marketing matrix, helping enterprises at all levels in TIT group achieve sustainable and high-quality development.