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Opening of the Online Canton Fair to Help Tiger Head’s Foreign Trade Innovation and Development

  April 15th, it’s the opening day of the 129th Canton Fair, and it’s also the day of the new Chinese company name unveiling ceremony of Guangzhou Tiger Head Group CO,. ltd. and our company’s new general manager signing ceremony. It’s the third time our company has participated in the Online Canton Fair. The foreign trade team of our company continued to participate actively, and we launched over 200 products on the Canton Fair platform, involving four independent brands including Tiger Head, 555, Funmily, and Hiwatt, covering dry batteries, lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, light and other such products.

  At this Canton Fair, the company’s newly upgraded size No. 5 & No.7 1.5v lithium rechargeable battery products made its debut around the world. The new products are upgraded in chip technology to enable faster charging, larger capacity, stable constant voltage, and large current. The characteristics of good user experience and long cycle life provide foreign consumers with a better battery product experience of the Tiger Head brand.

  In order to strive to meet the online Canton Fair in the best possible state, the company's live broadcast staff of the company's staff carefully prepared scripts, and many live rehearsals were carried out before the opening of the Canton Fair. By summarizing the experience of the previous two Online Canton Fairs, the live broadcast staff performed more relaxed and energetic, vividly presenting product advantages in multiple dimensions, and actively helping to promote the company's products. In addition, in order to solve the problem of time difference in the promotion target sales area, the company's foreign trade team will overcome difficulties in the next 10 days to work overtime to promote products on live broadcast. In terms of dissemination, the company combines the "short, flat and fast" characteristics of global information dissemination, and puts multiple short video content on the live broadcast of this exhibition. Enhance product promotion effects through small videos, and instill product selling points and ideas through repeated short, flat and fast communication from a three-dimensional perspective.

  On the afternoon of April 15, the group company’s chairman Zeng Chenxiang, general manager Lin Hu, deputy general manager Chen Jiayuan and other leaders came to the Tiger Head company to guide the online exhibition work of the Online Canton Fair. The company’s chairman Li Jianhua and general manager Zhou Songyi hosted the reception, mainly introducing the company’s Online Canton Fair online platform display and online live broadcast.

  At the same time, Guangzhou Daily, Guangdong Satellite TV, Yangcheng Evening News, Guangdong TV Station DV site and other media also reported on the company's participation in the exhibition.

The leaders of the Guangzhou Light Industry Group and Trade Group Ltd visited our company to guide the online exhibition work of the Online Canton Fair

Live broadcast of the company's Online Canton Fair

On the first day of the Canton Fair, Tiger Head company accepted interviews from many media

The manager of the company’s foreign trade department was interviewed by Guangdong Radio and Television Station

New upgraded Tigerhead brand No. 5 & No. 7 1.5v lithium rechargeable battery products debut at the Online Canton Fair