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Doublefish Sports - “One in a Million” Extraordinary Partner of WTT

  Guangzhou Doublefish Sports Goods Group Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement with World Table Tennis Pte Ltd(WTT) on March 30, 2021, becoming an official partner in 2021.

  In recent decades, Doublefish has developed rapidly and made remarkable achievements. Previously, the Volant King 2 Table Tennis Table showed up on the stage of the first WTT Middle East Hub, which conspicuously attracted enormous attention of the table tennis circle. World Table Tennis Federation and the China Table Tennis Association have also been closely cooperating with the relevant departments of the Chinese government, hoping to open up a new chapter in table tennis that can be enthusiastic through the WTT China Table Tennis Hub 2021.

  Moreover, World Table Tennis Federation issued an announcement that postpone China Table Tennis Hub 2021, which was originally scheduled to start around June, will be held after the Tokyo Olympics due to the uncertainties and constraints caused by the players preparing for the Olympics and the related control of Covid-19 epidemic. For the reason that safety always comes first, the whole competitions will be more fairer and safer if the date of this event is relatively delayed.

  The China Table Tennis Hub 2021 is one of the top events of the WTT series in the second half of 2021. With the gradual opening of the epidemic policy, the competition will back on track, which definitely is one of the most exhilarating events of our insipid life. Meanwhile, WTT Grand Smash( China, April) , WTT Man's Championship, WTT Woman's Championship and World Championship will be held all over China. As a excellent partner of WTT, Doublefish Sports will be the sponsor and fully engaged in those major championships. 

  Undoubtedly, Doublefish will devote the greatest efforts to carrying forward Chinese national brands and building a quality country, which will promote the sustainable development of national brands. Last but not least, we sincerely hope Doublefish will give everyone a refreshing experience in the next major events.