Hundreds of Classical Products Serve Thousands of Households

  On April 24, the 131st Canton Fair was successfully concluded online. Adhering to the concept of "making friends with the world and mutual benefiting the world", and with the theme of "dual circulation of connecting domestic and international market ", this Canton Fair helps foreign trade enterprises to develop business both online and offline. As a “full attendance” of the Canton Fair, Guangzhou Light Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as GZLI) grasped the opportunity to lead its subsidiaries, Guangzhou Light Holdings General Merchandise I&E Limited and Guangzhou Metals and Minerals I&E Limited to participate in the exhibition as promised. This year, more than 1600 exhibits were displayed online in 15 exhibition areas, including tableware, furniture, toys, holiday supplies, bicycle tires, shoes, machinery, household appliances and food. Four online display modules, including enterprise website, VR exhibition hall, live steaming and exhibit website, were used to show customers the picture of GZLI in an all-round way.
  To Upgrade Online Platform to Enhance the Effectiveness of the Exhibition
  This canton fair has improved the online business card and added the collection feature, which helps us to understand the market demand and find new customers. We have gained a lot of new customers in this exhibition and invited our regular customers to the Canton Fair platform. More than 600 customer business cards, about 200 inquiries, and purchase intention of 3 million US dollars have been obtained. Before the launch, a regular customer had confirmed an order for holiday supplies about 320,000 US dollars. Meanwhile, the machinery exhibition area has also received 65 messages and multiple enquiries, one of which is a purchase order for 1,007 sets of mechanical products, boosting confidence for follow-up business negotiations. 
  To Present A Number of New Highlights to Adapt to Market Demand
  In order to meet the diversified needs of the market, we have improved the previous best-selling products, carefully selected product categories, prepared product design, packaging forms, and launched a series of new products: The sports exhibition area has added football in latest design, the festival supplies exhibition area has displayed products in new packaging and sets, the household supplies exhibition area has added a variety of makeup tools boxes and series of makeup products, the machinery exhibition area has added automated machines, and the household exhibition area has developed five-zone mattresses.
  Media Interviews and Reports Help Enhance Corporate Image
  CCTV China Radio and Guangdong TV visited GZLI’s live studio for filming and interviews at the beginning of this online Canton Fair. In addition, our company received interviews and reports from media such as, Guangzhou Information Times and Canton Fair News, which improved the company's industry reputation and laid a solid foundation for the development and promotion of business.