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Malaysia Q 3 Integrated Promotion

In order to strengthen the brand advertising and product promotion in Malaysia,during the third quarter, our company cooperated with local distributor to carry out online and offline promotional activities in Malaysia,which worked efficiently.

Malaysian distributor caught the community business opportunities by increasing sales outlets of community stores and carrying out stacked box display of community shops. Meanwhile, those stores carried out promotional activities of Buying Cans Get Free Gift, as well as tasting of new product Olive Oil Canned Fried Dace. It not only helps to improve the market sales of products, but also promotes new products and brand.

On the other side, we cooperate with Sin Chew Daily, a well-known local media, to place an online advertisement combined with offline promotion activities, which fully promote the distribution of Eagle-Coin Gold-Award fried dace with salted black beans, also hold an Interactive Raffle on Facebook、Instagram and other social media platforms. The online advertising attracts more and more young people, which effectively improves the exposure rate of Eagle-Coin brand in all age consumer groups, and brings new shopping experience for customers.